2017 Guest Instructors

Two Spruce Farm is honored to have wonderful Guest Instructors teach clinics. We present this opportunity to YOU. Most of these Instructors are local and they all offer practical horsemanship to enhance your relationship with your horse.

Jessica Dabkowski

Jessica Dabkowski


2017 Guest Instructor Dates:April 22, May 14, June 4, July 9 & August 13

"I grew up riding hunter/jumper in GA, your typical "barn rat" always mucking stalls to earn extra riding time on really naughty lesson ponies. Earned my Equine Science degree from CSU in 2003, started teaching kids' lessons and training for the public in 2003. Competed in my first Extreme Mustang Makeover in 2010 and have been a mustang addict ever since. I won the 2012 Colorado Extreme Mustang Makeover, earned over $13k in the Specialty Riding division at the Mustang Million competition in 2013, and have had great success training mustangs to be successful partners for their new adopters. I work with all horses, wild or not, and focus on creating a gentle, willing horse in any discipline."

March 2016 Featured Stride article by Jessica:
My first experience with Two Spruce Farm was in 2013 when I was training my two mustangs, Vesper and Bravo, for the Mustang Million competition.  I was looking for opportunities to get them out to different places, and to get them exposed to new activities and environments.  The trail obstacle clinics at Two Spruce provided a great opportunity for just that.  Lots of varied obstacles, a perfect-sized group of other riders, and the ability to work at my own pace over the obstacles provided an ideal setting for building confidence with my mustangs.  The fact that the clinics were FUN was just an extra bonus!  

I was thrilled to be asked to come back and help teach some of the trail obstacle clinics in 2014 and 2015, and again this year in 2016…attending and teaching these clinics have become a regular part of my Makeover mustang training regimen!  I always have a new Makeover mustang to bring to the clinics, and I enjoy using them to help me teach people just how light and soft you can really be with your horse.  From an instructor’s perspective, these clinics are always rewarding. People from all sorts of riding backgrounds and with all sorts of different types of horses come to these clinics, and there’s nothing like watching all of them gain confidence, respect, understanding, and communication with their horse during the few hours of the clinic.  Seeing people help their horses “conquer” the obstacles is fun, but the real reward is seeing people use the obstacles as a tool to improve their relationship and communication with their horses.  

I’m looking forward to bringing Pearl, my current mustang in training for the Ft Collins Mustang Makeover, to the May 8th trail obstacle clinic at Two Spruce.  Pearl really is a special horse, a rare pearl indeed, she’s been incredibly calm and easy to work with, and I can already tell that she’ll make an excellent horse for just about anyone who ends up adopting her at the Makeover competition at the end of May.  Can’t wait to meet all the attendees to the clinics this year, and can’t wait to share Pearl…and the next mustang…and then the next...

970-443-3907 | ponypeakstables@gmail.com | Pony Peak Horsemanship

Keith Jacobson  

Keith Jacobson



2017 Guest Instructor Dates: April 22, June 10 & August 12

Keith Jacobson has been actively involved with horses most of his life. He has been involved in Ranch Horse Versatility, Team Sorting, Western Dressage and Working Equitation as well as actively riding the trails in the Rocky Mountains and High Plains. He has been involved in cattle handling clinics

since 2003 and has been a guest clinician frequently as well. Keith has been invited to help during gatherings for various ranch activities and has been on cattle drives in Colorado and Northern New Mexico, moving over 1800 head at times!  He is the editor and owner of Working Equitation Today.

970-391-1813 | keithjacobson335@yahoo.com | www.workingequitation.today

Kristi Plutt

Kristi Plutt


2017 Guest Instructor Dates: June 3

Kristi offers horsemanship and trail clinics, individual/group lessons, trailer loading, horse sales, training/colt-starting, boarding and breeding. She has ridden with the best and offers you and your horse only the best!

Lame Dog Ranch 11247 Weld County Rd 36, Platteville, CO 80651 

303-506-9934 | kristisplutt@gmail.com | www.lamedogranch.com

Nate Bowers

Nate Bowers


2017 Guest Instructor Dates: May 13, June 17, July 22 & August 19

Nate was born and raised in the state of Colorado. He spent his youth farming with horses and training with his Dad, Steve Bowers. Nate has gained notoriety as a world class driving horse trainer while developing a driving horse teaching system with Pat Parelli. He has toured the world teaching classes and clinics and wrote his first book at 18. He continues to teach driving and trains ranch and cow horses for use on his family's ranch.

Christy Cramer

Christy Cramer


2017 Guest Instructor Dates: May 20 & July 8 

Christy is a wonderful instructor. She runs a thriving lesson business, both English and Western out of East Slope Farms in Longmont, CO. She has excellent school horses. She also offers Trail ride lessons and Cowgirl adventures. Christy has been a primary wrangler for the Sombrero Ranch, Great American Horse Drive every year. 

303-775-4277 | horsetails44@gmail.com | www.cowgirladventures.com  

Lisa Bowers

Lisa Bowers


2017 Guest Instructor Dates:

As a lifelong horseman from somewhat humble beginnings, I developed an interest and capacity for working with misunderstood, sensitive, green, and troubled horses that tended to fall through the cracks. Many years of experience riding challenging horses in Hunters, Equitation, Dressage, and Eventing were not enough to prepare me for a pair of horses I acquired that really needed some big help. I had exposure to Buck Brannaman and the concept of seeing a situation through the horses' eyes to develop a PARTNERSHIP (instead of the Benevolent Dictatorship I'd been pulling off for years...). The things that were missing for these horses seemed to be in that realm, so I diligently pursued the path of better horsemanship through timing, feel, balance and clarity. I trained horses and taught a successful lesson program for 17 years. I currently ride to jumps, work cattle and rope some. I try to make a horse feel a little better in his own skin and to repay the horses who taught me everything. If I had to sum up the most important advice on my journey thus far- I'd say "Give yourself permission to make mistakes and embrace them- they teach you to make smaller mistakes.”

I also make beautiful and functional custom leather gear for you and your horse, including chaps, half chaps, chinks, armitas, belts, dog collars and more, plus special saddle pads to improve saddle fit for your horse. You can view it all at Vaquero Leather Ware and check out the Facebook page.

Lisa and Jody will teach the Transitions Clinic.

303-775-4277 | vaqueroleatherware@gmail.com | www.vaqueroleatherware.com

Bonnie Brindle

Bonnie Brindle

BONNIE BRINDLE -  Bonnie and Jody teach the Fear Seminars. 

Bonnie Brindle has been a student of the horse for 4 decades. Coming of age in Eastern MA, Bonnie enjoyed relationships with myriad equines, which created a lifetime love and respect for their magnificent spirits.  Her experiences have confirmed her understanding of the horse as a being of intelligence, sensitivity, and grace.

Upon moving to Colorado, Bonnie has had the privilege to learn from trainers and clinicians including Marty Marten, Julie Goodnight, Buck Brannaman, Larry Whitesell, and Bryan Neubert.

Today, Bonnie is a PATH Int'l Registered Instructor. In the private sector, she assists horse owners in building their confidence and leadership abilities in the equine realm. 

Through her psychotherapy practice, Soul of the Wild, LLC, Bonnie focuses on horse owners whose daily stresses, anxieties, and life transition energies affect their horse relationships in challenging ways. Calling upon her understanding of how the horse experiences the human/horse relationship, and the blocks that humans create in the face of uncertainty, Bonnie has been successful in helping horse lovers rediscover the trust that connects them fully and safely to their equine partners.

720-935-4667 | soulofthewild@msn.com

“Only two emotions belong in the saddle:  Patience and a Sense of Humor.”