Jumping Basics

Introduce horse and rider to jumps. Increase your confidence over jumps with your horse and have fun!  Jody will offer these clinics plus the opportunity to continue working with your horse over jumps. Jody recently wrote an article for the Working Equitation website www.workingequitation.today.

This article focuses on key ideas to create a solid foundation and offer a positive introduction to jumping with your horse. This article will not concentrate on the quality of the horse’s jumping style, but rather on the safety and presentation of starting your horse over low obstacles and your ability to go with him. It is our responsibility to always practice good horsemanship and realize that each horse has an individual learning style. Horses have a natural ability to jump – if something in their environment gets in their way and they need to get to the other side, they will jump it.

If you are going to effectively work with your horse and introduce him to jumps, the following exercises/principles need to make sense to you, so that you will present them to your horse in a way that he will understand. You need to stay in your comfort zone, use good judgment and be patient and clear with your directions. If you methodically teach this progression with kindness and if you do the best preparation work – you will end up with a confident, willing and happy horse who understands your direction. You will also be able to have fun doing something different with your horse. It is helpful to work with an instructor/helper/ground person when introducing jumps to your horse.

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“I love this article and the photos.  I like that is written simply for the rider that is a novice in jumping and is understandable whether their riding discipline is English, Western, recreational, etc.

You definitely hit on all the critical aspects -- in a logical sequence -- to successfully learn to jump!"  MA

“Thanks for spelling out and reminding me of all the important things when I jump. Really well written (and I love the photos). I just started cantering jumps this week (first time since I was about 15) - what fun! The information on staying balanced was very helpful. I was trained to "throw" the horse over the jump (throw the reins at the horse) so trying to be more reserved. Just closing my hip will help." FC

"Common sense. So rare - it's kinda like a super power."