Marty Marten

Marty helped people and their horses at Two Spruce Farm for many years – forming the cornerstone behind the Two Spruce Farm philosophy (which is based also on the teachings of his mentors). Marty taught us so much and we will be forever grateful to him for sharing his knowledge and expertise with us.

Marty Marten

Marty Marten

Marty was an author, trainer, teacher and mentor. A student of Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman, Marty trained countless horses and riders. Through his hugely popular books, clinics, demonstrations, speaking engagements and successful trailer loadings, he made the world of practical horsemanship available to many who would not otherwise have had the chance to experience it. His contributions of expertise, time, experience and patience have changed the lives of horses, horsemen and horsewomen throughout the West.

Marty authored two books, PROBLEM-SOLVING – Preventing and Solving Common Horse Problems, Volume 1 and Volume 2, published by Western Horseman Magazine. Marty also authored numerous helpful articles.

Marty worked from the horse’s point of view. “My philosophy is to treat a horse as a living, breathing, thinking, decision-making animal and appreciate him for being what he is – a horse. He is a herd animal and we need to appreciate the difference among horses. They are not identical. I fall back on a good set of principles and adjust to the individual horse on a given day at a given moment. I want to keep them in a learning frame of mind.”

Marty devoted his life to helping people and horses get to a better place. Marty made a huge impact on the lives of so many. He was a true friend and an inspiration to all. Marty cherished his friendships and welcomed the opportunity to work with you and your horses, or just to chat. He so appreciated you and all that you did for him and shared with him. Via Con Dios.

As Margaret said “I could tell Marty stories for days. All of those would involve horses, kindness, laughter, learning, true friendship, & trading Ian Tyson lyrics! Peace, Marty. 'til you’re home & your circle is through.’”


A Memorial Gathering and Service to honor Marty will take place on Sunday, February 17, 2019 from 12 – 3 PM at the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center, 11968 Mineral Rd, Longmont, CO  80504. Memorial donations in Marty’s name may be made to the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center.

“Adjust to fit the situation.” -Tom Dorrance