Transitions Clinics

Exploring contact as it relates to partnership with your horse. 

Clinic description:
1) Translate the confidence and communication built in groundwork into riding success and harmony
2) Explore the relationship of CONTACT (abstract principle) on the horses' mental & physical state for training purposes
3) Acquire some tools and exercises to improve body awareness and fluidity.

We will discuss how the skills and communication developed in groundwork carry over into riding. We will progress to a series of proprioceptive exercises and theory. We will practice 3-5 riding exercises about lightness to aids, purpose specific balance, self-carriage and straightness of horse and rider.

Participant requirements:
1) Past clinic participant or prior approval of Instructors
2) Rideable horse (preferably W-T-C)
3) Riders should have an open mind and give themselves and their horses permission to experiment, question, and sometimes make mistakes - which are a part of the learning process and an opportunity for improvement.


2016 DATES:

No dates currently scheduled

*Clinic dates may change due to conflicts or weather


  • Cost is $75/clinic per rider
  • Limited to 6 participants per clinic
  • All breeds and disciplines welcome


Two Spruce Farm 


Register by contacting Jody at (720) 201-4363
or at


Take every behavior the horse displays as valuable information, not as personal insult.”  -True Colors, Equine Farm